A special offer for customers of Eleanor Marks-Prior...

What can dramatically change your life in the next 365 days for just $1?

It's not some fancy new method or loophole. Neither it is a single "secret"... that suddenly will make everything click for you.

What I have for you here is almost boring... yet it can change your life - and your lifestyle profoundly. Forever. If you take action, that is. And...

... IF you're willing to "risk" $1 - one measly dollar!

That's exactly right. $1, or 4 quarters... is all it "costs" to get initial access to a wealth of information that, once implemented...

Will set you off to a running start in 2015... and can probably set you up for life - if you take action. Here's what's this about.

For a teenie tiny measly dollar, you'll...

Join our "closed to general public" exclusive membership

It's called 6 in 6 Coaching, and it can provide you with TONS and TONS of valuable guidance about making money online. Without overloading you. It's clever like that (more on that later).

You might have heard of it. It's one of our crown jewels so to speak.

Right now, it contains 92 training sessions by industry experts on any internet marketing subject imaginable. How to build income from ground up? Check. Specific traffic methods? Check. Productivity techniques? Check.

Rapid Crush, Inc. internal secrets? Check and double check. This is practically the ONLY way you can access that information. Same tricks and systems we used to build a business from ground up. From $0. To $1,000,000. To $5,000,000. To $10,000,000. And stronger than ever.

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

Why You Won't Suffer From Information Overload But Take Action This Time

Here's the clever part.

Despite the wealth of information inside... you won't get overloaded.

In fact... there's no way you're NOT succeeding this time. There's no way you're NOT taking action this time. Why?

Because 6 in 6 Coaching is not just about giving you information. This is NOT about having you sit alone in your room, watching over the shoulders of experts (fun as that may be, but we're here to make money, right?)

There's an amazing infrastructure in place that'll PUSH you towards success.

You're going to lay the foundation of your success today...

Here's how this works. When you invest $1 today, you immediately get access to several things.

#1 - Initial assessment questionnaire

... This thing will pretty much make this coaching program free.

When you fill it out, one of the things you must do is list the current expenses related to your internet marketing business.

Then we have you assess them in a certain way that allows you to easily get rid of these unnecessary expenses.

And I bet a dollar to a dime... that you'll be able to ELIMINATE more monthly expenses overnight than what you invest in total for our coaching program.

#2 - An accountability partner

When you fill out your assessment questionnaire, you can complete the accountability partner application form and we will use this information to pair you up with another 6-in-6 student to be your accountability partner, if you desire.

It's not mandatory... but I highly recommend it. Hopefully you understand how beneficial this can be to your business... and this is something we will always provide for you as long as you're a member in good standing in our coaching program.

Oh, and you can always request a new accountability partner if your current one is not a good fit for you for whatever reason.

#3 - Homework, member networking, member portal... and more

BESIDES the sessions, you also get homework assignments that will help you keep taking action even after the initial thrill has worn off. Plus, you get to interact with fellow members - some of them have been in this program for more than 2 years and have built 6 or even 7 figure businesses from scratch!

Make no MISTAKE: This stuff is CUTTING EDGE

You might wonder about whether some of the stuff inside specific 6 in 6 Coaching sessions is still applicable today.

After all, the rules change all the time. Almost too fast, right?

Well, the answer is... while some of the interfaces HAVE changed, and some rules HAVE changed - the underlying principles still work for every single method we discuss inside 6 in 6 coaching.

Want to know why? Mainly because this is profound stuff. Not loopholes, not short lived tricks. Just solid marketing.

The best part of all

Try it for $1 for 21 days. Cancel at any time - no questions asked.

Just put in a support request at http://support.6in6coaching.com and we'll promptly cancel your trial and that's that - you will be under NO further obligation.

Mark your calendar 21 days from now. By then, you've had 6 sessions, an accountability partner, initial assessment, and you've had a chance to explore the member's area.

If, 21 days from now (or at any other point) you feel you're not benefitting immensely... just give us a quick shout and we'll cancel your trial without any dirty tricks.

If you decide to stay after the trial is up...

If you don't cancel your trial, you're going to be automatically billed $97, plus 5 additional installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart. Of course, you can cancel at any time and be under no further obligation.

However, after your 6 total installments are paid, then guess what? You unlock all the recorded sessions - plus all the future sessions absolutely free of charge.

It pays to stay...

Let's consider people who joined at the "ground floor" so to speak.

They were promised 12 sessions. Which we delivered. And then we delivered 80 more, free of charge.

You're in a better position right now. See... We're also promising you at least 12 live sessions. (We'll probably do much more, but 12 is what we're committing to - just like 92 sessions ago.)

In addition, though, you already KNOW you're going to get the recordings of ALL the amazing sessions already inside. Pretty cool, right?

Here's just a few select sessions you can look forward to...

Session #1 - The Basics

During Session #1, you'll not only receive crucially important orientation information... but you'll immediately hit the ground running. Here's what you're about to discover...

Even if you watch this first session and then go and do everything you learned... you're going to see immediate progress.

Session #3 - Affiliate Marketing

When you're just starting out, it just seems easier to promote other people's products. And let me tell you... when you're at $10,000,000 level, it makes just as much sense.

In session #3, you're going to take your first steps to mastering affiliate marketing. Here's what's waiting for you inside...

After you go through this session, you'll be able to start promoting other people's products as an affiliate... without making silly mistakes.

Session #32 - Start planning for 7 figures

Let's jump a head a few sessions and look at session #32. Thing is... you might think it's too early to plan for 7 figure income.

However, the secret to making 7 figures is to plan NOW - even if you haven't made a single dollar online yet.

Here's what you're going to discover.

It's pretty simple stuff, but powerful. And you need to implement it now - because otherwise you'll sabotage your own success.

Session #91

I want to jump forward all the way to the last session we did. In it, our new CMO - John S. Rhodes is giving you a "crystal ball" so to speak that will let you see which one of your ideas or businesses will succeed and which one will fail.

Here's how that works.

You'll discover John's "9 facets of business perfection", which you can then use to evaluate any opportunity - from an infoproduct idea or an affiliate promotion, all the way to a multimillion JV.

These are just a handful of sample sessions you're going to get your hands on. I could talk for ages about each and every single one of the sessions inside... but there's not enough time - since there are 92 of them already.

Check out the full list below... Or sign up and see for yourself!

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

The full list of every single recorded session currently waiting for you inside

Session 1

In just 1+ hour it takes to watch this session, you'll hit the ground running. Why? Because you'll discover how to focus once and for all (by ignoring certain kinds of knowledge everyone says you must know...) - plus shocking insider info about internet marketing that has working on your subconscious to sabotage your success!

Session 2

Master one of the 3 easy categories of expertise in less than 15 hours (and discover how to leverage it all the way from 0 to $100,000+ in under a month)... plus 13 tangible, money-making assets you can effortlessly translate your expertise into

Session 3

Affiliate marketing 101 and beyond - how to SAVE yourself from losing money by picking the wrong affiliate program (warning: it MIGHT look 100% legit on the surface!), how to make quick and easy affiliate commissions even if you're just starting out, and the 3 myths of affiliate marketing... and more!

Session 4

"10 minutes or less" method of success with list building... and 3 squeeze page templates that convert in any niche (plus: turn any old WP blog into a list building magnet in ONE step...)

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

Session 5

Facebook advertising changes all the time... or does it? Follow this technique and you won't be fighting for traffic scraps along with the others!

Session 6

How to outline your product (in any niche...) in less than 45 minutes, create the product in less than 48 hours and drive short and long term traffic to a quick-and-dirty ad... and more juicy tips and techniques from a real-world case study

Session 7

How to get super affiliates to promote your stuff (without being a superstar product creator...) - this little known technique often results in near 6 figure paydays even for new people

Session 8

The simple integrated management process anyone can implement to almost guarantee a 10% growth in their business month after month (if that doesn't sound like much... you're actually more than DOUBLING your business EVERY year!)

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

Session 9

Big paydays with little mobile sites? Easy. Here's how...

Session 10

Three types of webinars anyone can profit with before the next weekend (watch closely for a tip you MUST implement though or you'll kill your reputation...)

Session 11

If you follow the advice of this special guest (who holds the record for the most successful WSO in history!), you'll be able to exploit the WSO platform - especially now when a lot of vendors have abandoned it in search for greener pastures

Session 12

How to find the good PLR stuff that you can actually make money with (and how to avoid the terrible bottom of the barrel gibberish).. plus the 3 "against common sense" modifications you need to do to your PLR content

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

Session 13

An old-school traffic trick that turns 100 visitors into 100,000 (and due to some recent, permanent algorithm changes on *certain* big sites it gets CRAZY results!)... plus how to get $10,000+ worth of advertising for free

Session 14

The 2 hour method to achieve peak productivity that motivates even the laziest marketers - and practically guarantees a 6 figure/year income

Session 15

How to outsource and run your entire business with "micro" outsourcing for less than $6 a task (plus, 9 things you can outsource for pennies (or even for free) that can easily double the value of your business in the next 30 days!

Session 16

A special guest shows 3 traffic sources that immediately will start pouring fresh leads into your email list (and if you follow his 4 step list building sequence... you're going to be blown away at the conversions and ROI) and more!

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

Session 17

Why more traffic is not always the answer - fix these 3 things on your webpages and make a lot more money with even LESS traffic (plus the simple graphic trick that increased sales by 101.9%)

Session 18

The 3 types of partnerships you're already in... even if you don't think so - and how to leverage them for more traffic, better conversions and more profit. Plus, a case study of Rapid Crush, Inc. partnership and how we grew it to $10,000,000+ in sales in a short amount of time

Session 19

Immediately create "unique content" in minutes using free tools and rank it on Google page 1 quickly (this worked before Panda/Penguin.. during Panda/Penguin.. and it works TODAY!)

Session 20

Google Places has a new name...but the tactics taught in this training are absolutely gold and still apply, no matter what they call it today, or what they decide to call it next week! The bottom line is you will be able to dominate local results and profit!

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

This is just a little taste, of course...

Here's what frustrates me somewhat. Each of these awesome sessions deserve MORE attention. Like...

... At least a few paragraphs each. To fully explain what's the session about, and what awesome techniques, tips and secrets you're getting when you say yes to the $1 trial offer by clicking on the green button.

However, even if I did that just for the 20 sessions above... the page would be pretty much unreadable. And we still have 70+ sessions to go through. So I'm going to keep it short and sweet.

You can keep on reading or sign up right away to see what's inside for yourself - it's just $1, anyway.

Check out more of these valuable sessions...

Session 21

Set up Google Apps for your business for free (including using Gmail for whatever@YOURdomain.com)... plus, how to make money setting up Google Apps for other businesses and websites

Session 22

3 simple mind exercises that go against the common "self-help" knowledge you can perform to immediately become wealthier and happier - PLUS (and this is my favorite part) why you might NOT need any personal development advice after all...

Session 23

How to immediately make more money than the "me too" sellers on WarriorForum, JvZoo, Clickbank and anywhere else? Create a better sales funnel! Here's how (and it's easier than you think...)

Session 24

The secrets discovered after publishing 1,707 articles that are still relevant in year 2015 and beyond

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

Session 25

Get more visitors to your affiliate offers or your own products from Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media sites using images you can legally download for free (including 17 must-know resources that make your images stand out like a sore thumb...)

Session 26

How to generate obscene profits with either of these 3 types of software... and you won't even have to write a single line of code yourself! (Plus case studies...)

Session 27

Fiverr for sellers - a losing proposition unless you live in a 3rd world country? Well... how does up to $240 an hour sound? How does $5 with ZERO personal time sound? Check out this amazing session to find out how to build a sizable income stream using Fiverr...

Session 28

Why the "old" ways of doing a product launch (most gurus still CLING to these desperately...) will get you worse and worse results AND the simple launch process that lets you waltz around these problems in 4 simple steps...

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

Session 29

The nuts and bolts of selling physical products on Amazon (the 30,000ft view... with plenty of specifics including how to use FBA, the best types of products and how to get your products to qualify for free shipping when someone orders them and more!)

Session 30

The simplest 100% above-board way to snipe local clients on Craigslist who are ready to spend money with YOU (if you've always hated the SEO game, you're going to love this...)

Session 31

The 10 letter word most people are afraid of - yet it'll put YOU miles ahead of the competition. All it takes is at least one of these 4 shortcuts...

Session 32

Even if you haven't made a single dollar online (yet!), you need to have a plan how you'll get to 7 figures. Implementing that plan will almost FORCE you to make more money without even trying!

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

Session 33

How to gain near-instant authority in any market and get customers to purchase anything you have to offer (a part of it is constructing and building simple marketing campaigns that sneakily pushes just the right buttons of your target audience... but there's much more to it!)

Session 34

How to turn the crowded Kindle and Ebook publishing space into a steady source of income (and how to avoid the writer's block forever and almost blindly stumble upon profitable ideas) - and much more!

Session 35

Leverage digital expertise (even if you think you don't have any...) and create physical products that profit like crazy - this is almost a criminally undersaturated market!

Session 36

When SEO has been hit hard, email open rates are dropping, info product sales are plummeting... what do you do? You watch this session and these problems won't matter to you one iota!

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

Session 37

The foolproof recipe of quickly building a money-making list on Facebook in almost any niche imaginable

Session 38

How to make the tiniest email list into your biggest asset by getting your emails delivered, opened, read and acted upon (99% of email marketers don't get this approach... and if you're on more than one list yourself, I bet you know what I'm talking about...)

Session 39

Avoid getting scammed in the solo ad game... and convert those freebie seekers into paying customers (oh and watch out for THIS mistake that'll drain the money out of your wallet in a blink of an eye)

Session 40

The 100% free traffic source that's FASTER and SAFER than SEO that works in any niche - it's like unleashing floods of traffic at a flip of a switch (oh and by the way... the common knowledge about niche research is wrong. Here's the problem...)

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

In the above sessions...

As you can see, over time you'll be covering a lot of ground. At the 30,000ft level every single session is either about traffic, conversions or your mindset.

Once you decide what would you like to work on... pick what sounds best for you. If you want to master Facebook... go ahead, pick a session and implement the tips. Same with SEO. With solo ads. With email marketing. Whatever you like.

Oh and as I mentioned already... because we've been doing 6 in 6 Coaching for a while, some of the specifics (like exactly WHICH button to push when you need to submit your Kindle book to Amazon, for example) might have changed. But the ideas haven't changed one. Bit.

So go ahead - it's just $1. Check it out. You'll find this is the best $1 you'll ever spend... in fact I doubt there is a BETTER way to spend $1.

Here are even more amazing sessions...

Session 41

Discover an endless, hidden well of profitable content to quickly create your own products and profit big in 10% of the time and effort it takes others (and the only way of doing this that is 100% above board)

Session 42

The "1% Mindset" - the key mindset changes you must adopt if you want to become a millionaire in 3 years or less (the only reason why you haven't done it yet is the myths politicians, negative media and misinformed everyday folks are feeding you...)

Session 43

Why getting affiliates is actually one of the EASIEST things you can do to boost profits both in a pinch and in long term (but only if you remember at least 3 of these 5 common sense things...) and more!

Session 44

Can you generate profit almost out of thin air? Sometimes you can, sometimes you can't. What I know is that one of the most reliable approaches if you want quick profit is this neat, impossible to saturate Hangouts/Youtube method (you'll even see a live demonstration!)

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

Session 45

One of the best set&forget platforms to build a nearly hands-off online income is... Tumblr! Discover the 5 step rinse and repeat process to building an enganging Tumblr and automating the content...

Session 46

How to make almost any of your old $7 infoproducts sell for $97 and even $297+... and how to raise prices the smart way without jeopardizing the income you have

Session 47

How to blast through your tasks for the day much faster and with more focus every single day... Implementing these simple shortcuts will save you 1000's of hours of time!

Session 48

The complete Pinterest Profit Plan... that you can implement without any previous experience (without these tricks it's an uphill battle these days... however in this session you'll discover an incredible tip that'll give you an immediate edge!)

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

Session 49

Flip simple $10 domains for $500+ and outsmart everyone on the forums who say it can't be done anymore (but be careful: there's actually a couple of expensive mistakes you MUST avoid at all costs)

Session 50

How to make a full time living online without ever knowing what a squeeze page is, what a funnel is, or other 'cool' words...

Session 51

How to achieve a near-impossible 100% success rate by doing LESS (never, ever get stuck in the online marketing hamsterwheel!)

Session 52

Advanced launch case study (there's literally dozens of lessons here... implement ONE of them and see your profits soar!) Plus the "less than perfect" launch funnel - that ended up doing hefty 6 figures despite everything - that you can copy immediately... and more!

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

Session 53

How to build a 6 figure income 5 bucks at a time - all you have to do is implement, lather, rinse and repeat until you've built up your income to a level you're satisfied with (Plus, you're also going to discover quick money ideas that will prove you in a matter of hours you CAN make money with IM...) and more!

Session 54

Why making money with Kindle is just a matter of following a simple, formulaic system (you'll be able to create a profitable kindle ebook in hours even if you're working full time and have a family)... plus, what are the most profitable niches, how does a killer book outline look and much more

Session 55

Every now and then, marketers have to adapt to changes. In this session, you'll discover what changes Google has made to Google+, Youtube and Hangouts that marketers should pay close attention to (and which ones don't matter)... and, of course, how to leverage these changes for profit

Session 56

The "5 minutes a day" system that you MUST implement to meet your financial goals (whatever they might be - your first dollar online, your 6 figure year or $10,000,000 in sales)

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

Session 57

How to become a local group rockstar and leverage it into an avalanche of sales... even if you're terrified of speaking in front of a crowd

Session 58

How to set goals that make you productive and happy... even if before you've been stuck buying "shiny objects" and never getting anywhere... (plus, 4 laws of focus millionaires swear by that a "regular Joe & Jane" can implement in their own lives)...

Session 59

How do we at Rapid Crush, Inc. get so much more done in the same amount of time? More importantly... how can you implement that in your own business even if you're a one man show right now? Well, start by applying these productivity secrets that'll let you accomplish MORE tonight!

Session 60

What does JK Rowling, Walt Disney, Steven Spielberg, Michael Jordan and other famous people have in common that YOU can do as well starting tonight... and give yourself a huge shove towards your success? Get rid of income-crushing obstacles in one fell swoop after watching this session...

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

We're more than halfway through... for now. More sessions are added all the time!

Right now, there's 90+ sessions inside. So far, we've looked at 60.

That means we're more than halfway through. There's still 30+ sessions to go through... and more are added on bi-monthly basis.

However, you probably see by now that you're getting an insane amount of value. Whatever your goals are for the next 5 years... you'll definitely find something in 6 in 6 Coaching that will help you get there faster.

... And all you need to do is "risk" $1 right now. Crazy.

Even MORE amazing sessions - all of them by big name marketers!

Session 61

How to start making money without a website, hosting, Facebook account, technical skills or a list... for $0 - and work around all the pitfalls as you go

Session 62

How to turn your dreams into reality in a snap? By following this simple, proven process. You'll discover how a crude plan drawn on a napkin can be more effective than a business plan by an MBA... the "Microsoft Mantra"... and you'll watch your bottom line grow in front of your eyes

Session 63

How to use LinkedIn to funnel more leads than you know what to do with and build an impressive income stream (you'll do that by using little known secrets that'll let you make yourself visible through LinkedIn search engine and many more...)

Session 64

Special live Q&A session - how an already successful marketer used strategies taught 6 in 6 Coaching to grow his business faster than ever before - and what you can (and must) do today to make a real difference in your business

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

Session 65

The secrets, techniques and hidden manipulative processes behind some of Rapid Crush, Inc. most successful salesletters you'll want to implement immediately (including the "hollywood" way to do pattern interrupts... the single. best. way. to handle objections - even if you're pulling outrageous marketing stunts... and more!)

Session 66

PLR *is* junk for the most part. 99% of it. But if you go through this checklist you'll find hidden gold nuggets right under your nose. Plus, discover TONS of ideas how to leverage PLR into more money without doing much more work!

Session 67

How publishing a simple Kindle book WAY UNDER 20,000 words will make you more money even if you give it away for free... even if you never published a book before

Session 68

How to almost automatically become the "go to" authority in your niche (there's a simple "3x5x5 formula" you just implement and you can't help but succeed once you do).. and how to leverage that authority for profit using 5 types of viral content... and much more

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

Session 69

How to trick the biggest video site in the world to do your dirty work for you while staying 100% in line with what they want... and how to orchestrate the perfect video marketing funnel without ever leaving said site (you guessed right, I'm talking about Youtube...)

Session 70

How to build a massive Google+ presence and drive tons of traffic to your offers whenever you want... in less than 30 minutes a day by using a simple daily checklist

Session 71

If you publish a physical book... You'll find you and your business head and shoulders above the competition. In this session you'll discover how to do it using nothing but a simple word processor and an online service... (and you'll even learn how to fill your pockets by offering this as service to others!)

Session 72

If you ever wanted more clients who also pay more... you need to self-publish - here's how to avoid the back-breaking work and reap all the benefits of self publishing by exploiting a simple daily habit...

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

Session 73

How to avoid working long hours (while getting very little done) in your online business and have all the free time you want... while getting MORE done!

Session 74

You don't have to be a "type a" personality to be a leader in your niche AND you don't need to be the smartest person in the room.. In fact, if you do these 2 things, people WILL like you no matter what kind of person you are. Plus... to make this even easier, you can pick from 4 proven avatars that work no matter what due to simple psychology

Session 75

Discover a handful of simple tweaks that will plug the "facebook ad money drain" and turn Facebook traffic into a steady income stream... and what are the microscopic adjustments that will get you dramatic results

Session 76

How someone who never went to college and was the worst employee ever... quit their full time job 3 years ago and made $100k/year online ever since - and how you can copy this approach by repeating one simple mantra every day

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

Session 77

How to sustain success in internet marketing (and how avoiding this 5 second "chore" can prevent you from ever seeing success...) plus the smart and profitable way to handle failure and more!

Session 78

The little things million dollar marketers do differently from everyone else... that you can implement even with a $0 Paypal balance. All it takes is simple twist to how you spend your time working on your business...

Session 79

How anyone can get A level affiliates (and others) to promote your products (if you do this for others you can EASILY charge a $10,000 upfront fee plus a taste of the back end)

Session 80

How doing NOTHING can establish you as an incredible go-to expert in any niche...

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

Session 81

Get a never-ending supply of clients for your offline business by using a specific funnel that lets you choose who you want to work with... You'll even get a free lunch out of it, too!

Session 82

How to create high-end information products in hot niches outside internet marketing and strong-arm publishers to make high earning deals with you

Session 83

A strategy that's capable of generating 6 figure income without ever having to "sell"... the best part is you build assets you control and just rent them out to businesses who contact you!

Session 84

How to find great speakers for your virtual online events (and fill these events to the brim with listeners...) plus how to make good chunks of money every time you do one

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

Session 85

You get what you pay for? Not always. Discover amazing free tools Rapid Crush, Inc. uses on a daily basis that have probably made us more money than some of the $10,000+ ones...

Session 86

How to not make every day you're in online business an uphill struggle... and instead, discover and leverage your natural gifts, talents and inclinations. Plus whether or not you should get a coach and much more!

Session 87

Why "just being yourself" can be the most profitable thing you'll ever do (and why it will KILL your business if you do it wrong...)

Session 88

A certain type of Kindle books that can out-earn most other types you can think of... as well as detailed instructions on how to go in that niche and start getting results immediately

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

Session 89

How to build dozens and hundreds simple, imperfect little systems that produce scalable profits and drive up your income like clockwork

Session 90

Each of these 3 things separately can get you massive amounts of traffic... but what if you combine them in a powerful package? You get an avalanche of targeted buyer traffic! If that sounds like something you'd like, be sure to check out this session...

Session 91

Would you like to get a "crystal ball" that would show you which one of your ideas or businesses will succeed and which one will fail? Watch this session for a simple, at-a-glance 9-step evaluation plan that you can complete in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee...

Session 92

How would you like to reach your goals every time? Turns out there's a clearly defined process that you can follow to guarantee the success of any goal - short term or long term. (If you've ever wondered what's the secret of people who seem to achieve one goal after another with incredible ease, this is it!)

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

Session 93

When your business depends on you delivering any kind of audio to your customers - on webinars, podcasts, via Youtube video, whatever - you need it to be clear, understandable, and without any extra noise. In other words... you need pro audio! And it turns out it's super simple to achieve rich, tight, professional sound even in your living room if you utilize simple, free/inexpensive tricks described in this session!

Session 94

Discover a clever way to build a list (or grow your existing one) using Facebook... in a way that re-engages your customers, rewards loyalty, builds awareness... and more! Best part... you can use this in any business, from infoproducts to selling physical products, from services to restaurants... and much more.

Session 95

Think your niche has established experts that people flock to... and you stand no chance? Well, this session shows you how you can dominate any niche using Amazon Kindle - without spending hours writing and researching... and without using expensive, unreliable outsourcers. Discover things like how to come up with content... how to get away with ZERO proof... how to get the biggest JVs pay attention to you... and much more!

Session 96

In Session 96, a 7 figure entrepreneur shows you exactly how to "retrain" your brain to achieve your goals... (Not in "The Secret" kind of way... there's real science behind what you're going to do!) - so if you're ever wondered why you are busier than ever but have little to show for it, you must watch this session!

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

Session 97

Discover how to do profitable affiliate marketing using video... with little to no effort! (And no... this is NOT about creating thousands of crappy Youtube videos, risking your account, spamming or anything like that!) Better yet... this works if you have no clue about video, hate selling, and have little to no experience. How well does it work? Let's just say that this unique approach lets you run with the big dogs... even our own Jason Fladlien. True story - watch Session 97 to find out all the details!

Session 98

How to 'hack' a huge traffic source (over 100 million visitors) ... and 'install' (completely legit) hooks that drive traffic to your offers for YEARS! Plus what niches work - and which ones you should avoid... and more

Session 99

How people who have never ever talked into a microphone before can make bank with podcasts. Discover how to get traffic, how to get content ideas, how to get thousands of targeted opt-ins... and convert them into paying customers (this is scalable up to millions of dollars a year...)

$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

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$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

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$1 for 21 days trial, then 6 installments of $97 spaced 30 days apart

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